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How I convinced an employer to pay me to learn to code

I convinced an employer to pay me to learn how to code. I was a 29-year-old plumber with a wife, kids, and a mortgage. I enjoyed plumbing, b

- Rick.West

From landscaping jobs to professional developer

A few years ago, I was bouncing back and forth between landscaping jobs and restaurant jobs. I had just left college, and didn’t know what I

- kentherogers

Still on Hello, World!

I originally started a BSc Hons degree in Computer Science in 2008 but had to drop out due to unforeseen personal circumstances. Now 12 yea


My Story from Watchman to Self-taught Web Developer

Is it possible to become a web developer simply learning at home? I'll share my journey teaching myself programming and landing my first job

- hugo.moran

From IT recruiter to developer in 8 months

So you want to become a developer but don’t know where to begin. Changing careers or finding an entry-level job can be a daunting task (trus

- cristinav

Late 30’s, single father with no programming background, to a HIRED front-end developer

I will share mostly the questions asked during the interview, my learning resources, and projects I made. After ranting on Reddit a week pr

- sandynuggets

From construction industry to a software engineer at DBS Bank

When I was toying with the idea of switching careers, there were a lot of doubts in my mind – will I be throwing away my degree and years of

- andrea.lau

From depressed with no prospects to Software Engineer

After 1 year and 2 months, I have landed my first job as a developer by just sitting at home and learning how to code on my own. Hi everyon

- tri.tran

From a self-taught developer to first web dev job

I started learning to code when I was 23. When I wasn’t sure what to do with my life. I was staying in Bangkok and messing around on my seco

- talie

Baker to Microsoft Software Engineer in 2 years

This is how I went from being a baker to becoming a software engineer at Microsoft in about a two-year span. It started eight years ago whe

- katya.synth

Frustrated programmer to a full-time full-stack dev

I’m a full-stack developer and also the creator of this site, Full Stack Vault. I’m working full-time for a software development company, wh

- karla.dmplg